The need for affordable student housing has never been greater. Thousands of students at U of T’s Scarborough campus and at Centennial College can attest to the short supply of decent, convenient housing in the area.

Introducing The Academy, a residential condominium located steps from both campuses and offering smart, efficient and affordable housing complete with exceptional amenities, services and security.

Whether you are considering a condominium for your children attending school, or are looking for a terrific real estate investment with a ready supply of rental tenants, The Academy is the perfect choice. Luxurious, safe, convenient – and priced just right!

Student housing in critically short supply

A mere 100 metres from Centennial College and 300 metres from University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus, The Academy is ideally placed for students. But is there a demand? A recent study by recognized real estate industry consultant, Barry Lyons, indicates a resounding ‘Yes’. While student populations have grown, there has been no increase in housing supply and, the existing limited supply continues to age. Parents are increasingly demanding quality living conditions and security close to schools, but schools are reluctant to invest in more residence housing. Enrolment is forecast to grow substantially in the near future.

Enrolment at UTSC is nearly 12,000 students, and over the course of the next two decades, enrolment is expected to reach 17,000. Presently, UTSC only has 765 beds available, and they are only for first year students! With UTSC’s prestigious business and co-op programs, as well as the offering of great computer and mathematical science resources, the campus has become widely sought after by international students. So, whether you’re buying a condo for your own child or for another’s, you can be sure that The Academy is a safe and solid investment.